Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dudong "Branch" Of SUPP - Cooking Up An Old Dish

My buddy Alex told me that day he had got quite sick of the infighting in SUPP over N.40 Dudong constituency.
I told him it all boils down to a matter of conflict of interests.
The core question now is: Who has got a bigger muscle to flex now?
But never overlook the invisible hand which is pretty tough.


Daniel said...

Yeah,let them fight each other.We'll just sit back,relax and enjoy the show.

Tony Hii said...

Daniel, you are doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

he who shall retire as assistant minister. the longest serving assistant minister

Anonymous said...

We have gold fish in a fish bowl that is getting too small.

The gold fish are given their specific tasks and are allowed to swim only in certain areas.

If one gold fish starts to bite another their owner may do something like "removing " them from the fish bowl......

Gold fish are best at blowing bubbles. They open their big eyes all the time for opportunities to eat.

Anonymous said...

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