Monday, May 11, 2009

Cheers For Nizar And Sarawakiana

Our tea meet today turned out to be cheers, cheers and cheers!

Firstly, we were overjoyed by the High Court judgement that Nizar is the legitimate MB of Perak. The true spirit of our constitutional law has been upheld. Hurray!

Secondly, we were very much appreciative to Changyi for her warmhearted treat to pao ( dumplings). From Meng Lei we learned that Changyi sent her gift of love in the form of RM 50 cash through Rev. Dr. Su for the tea gang to supplement the meet with pao. Thank you, Changyi, for your wonderful snacks.

The photo shows each of us holding up a paw and cheering. Photo: Meng Lei


Hamba said...


sarawakiana said...

Hahahah ...the pows had two functions now!!

Bengbeng said...

makes me hunger for Sarawakiana pow. It is great there is still justice in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh,pows Bloeh !