Saturday, April 18, 2009

The New Economic Disorder - Our Economy In The End Times

It was a surprise, but it was wonderful!

This paperback book entitled "The New Economic Disorder - Our Economy In The End Times" was a gift from a reader of Chinese Methodist Message who reads avidly my column "Economic Trend" in the church magazine.

The book was entrusted to Rev. Wong Sing Ming of Chin Fu Methodist Church for the onward transmission to me.

I received it with heartfelt appreciation. After a quick browse through the book, I developed a liking for it.

Written in 1994, the author Larry Bates, an economist, attempted to expose the financial wipeout prophesied in the Bible and show how you could get your finances in order for the coming troubled times.

The giver remains anonymous. To this reader, I extend herewith my sincere gratitude for the lovely gift. This book is definitely going to give me a good reading!

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