Wednesday, April 29, 2009

e-Filing Of Tax Return

It is time again for the taxpayers to submit their returns to Inland Revenue Board. As citizens of Malaysia, we are duty-bound to file our tax returns annually.

I popped over to Sibu IRB office to e-file my return this morning. Again, the officers on duty were helpful in giving assistance for me to e-file my return.

The urgency this year was much less in e-filing as most of the dividend incomes last year were single tier. Under the single tier system, the IRB has done away with tax refund.

The whole of the IRB office was jam-packed with tax payers on a last-minute rush.
The photo shows a section of the IRB office where taxpayers were spotted on full concentration e-filing their returns.
Photo: Miss Wong kin Hung of Sin Chew Daily.

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