Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chung Cheng Secondary School - Mr. Hii Lik Kwong

I bumped into Mr. Hii Lik Kwong this morning in the lobby of Premier Hotel.

Mr. Hii was a teacher of Chung Cheng Secondary School (now renamed as SMK Chung Cheng) when I was there as a student. Teaching mostly Science and Chinese, Mr. Hii was renowned for clarity in the subjects. He did not cover my class, but on a few occasions he stood in for our class science teacher. Mr. Hii Lik Kwong left me with a good impression.

Hii Lik Kwong had a mastery of fishing. During his spare time at Chung Cheng, he would paddle along Rajang River and fish on the way. From my memory, he seldom came back empty-handed. In fact, most of the times, Mr Hii's catch was quite plentiful.

We chatted for a good while this morning. The old days at Chung Cheng remain the most cherished memories.


Yan said...

Mr Hii was my landlord before at Hardin Walk. My sister and I rented one room at his apartment. I remember him leaving home for school as early as 4 am. Before leaving home, he prepared breakfast for the wife and children and even did the laundry!

sarawakiana said...

What a small world indeed!
Mr Hii was my colleague for many years in the Methodist Secondary School Sibu.
I remember fondly as a soft spoken man who was a hard working Chinese language teacher. He has strong ethics and values. As a man he was upright and never said a wrong word.
He is a good example of a Chinese man who has strong groundings in Confucian thoughts!
I only wish I had studied Chinese with him.
And to know that he is a good fisherman and doing the laundry for his family!!
Hahaha-- we put him high on the pedestal making him almost an immortal!
Please convey my warm regards to him.

Anonymous said...

Who is now the principal for Chung Cheng? May be you can give us some introduction about him/her. Thank you

Anonymous said...

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