Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub

I remember Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub as a great leader of Sarawak in the seventies.

One of his most notable achievements was to bring the communists to a roundtable peace-talk that eventually ended the years-long subversive movements in Sarawak. The peace-making was bloodless and it paved the way for Sarawak to prosper.

At that time I was still a student of Chung Cheng Secondary School. I went through the turbulent time and I still have a sea of memories of it.


Anonymous said...

You were more a victim that I was during the era of 60-70. We should think about the whole issue for a little bit more. First of all, why were these young people going into communism? Were they the SUPP people? Were they against the independence and joining in Malaysia? Were they the real communists based on the idea of Karl Marx? Where is Wong Ki Chok now?

Tony Hii said...

The armed struggle was really a fallacy!