Monday, March 30, 2009

Business Trip To Kuching - (Part 7- Final)

I placed order for chicken curry rice and iced lemon drink. At less than RM 5 for the whole set, it was pretty value -for -money!
Lachau Food Corner did a brisk business.

A group of foreign tourists were seen taking a moment off for some local specialties.

Lachau Food Corner is pretty well-stuffed.

A presentable market next to the coffeeshop.

On the following morning, we took a sumptuous buffet breakfast at Hotel Grand Continental Kuching before we set out for one morning of meeting up with business associates. we looked forward to a hectic day ahead.
Raymond was a lot more confident with the ways in Kuching after some wild goose chase the day before. As such, we experienced much less snags on the way, making us feel at ease for the whole of the morning.
At midday, we finished off what was in hand and headed our way back to Sibu.
As it was already time for lunch, we started ti feel the hunger striking. Serian flashed across my mind and we all agreed to take a stop-over break at the small town for a quick lunch.
Although it was past lunch hour when we reached there, Serian was still bustling with crowds. We popped in several coffeeshops and were amazed to see them running to a full house.
When we were at the verge of giving up, we came across one with a vacant table. We could not afford the luxury to hestitate and had to settle down for a decent meal there.
We were like wolfing down our late lunch. Right after our lunch break , we got back on the road for our onward journey back home.
At Lachau, we made another stop for a lazy afternoon coffee. The coffeeshop that we patronized was really doing brisk business where a mix of locals and foreign tourists took up almost the whole of the space.
After Lachau, we made no more stop and drove straight on for the rest of the journey.

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