Friday, March 20, 2009

Business Trip To Kuching (Part 2)

We zoomed towards Kuching right after our quick breakfast at Sarikei. Checking on the time, it was 8:30 am. By a rough count, the remaining journey would take about five solid hours with one or two stop on the way for a break or ease-off.

Travelling by air and land alike produces hypnotic effect on me. I still recall an official travelling trip by coach to Mukah during which I slept like a log right through.

As such, I had to keep awake to catch all the glimpses alongside the Kuching-Miri highway, fearing that if I dozed off, I might miss some of the fascinating scenes.

When the huge sign of Sebangkoi Country Resort on the roadside came into my sight, I was very much drawn to it.

This country resort was a significant effort by our state government to develop the local tourism industry. A combination of country park and resort uniquely laid out and designed to give visitors a touch of tropical setting, SCR is excellent for a breakaway or a brief sojourn.

My tight itineary did not permit me to pop in for a quick stop-over. As the resort faded away from my sight, there was a strong urge rising up for me to come here for a visit.


向日葵啊伯 said...

Just a quick one.
How fast can you drive on the road?
Are there all paved?
Have a save trip.

sarawakiana said...

Road trips will be the thing of the future!

长竹 said...


Tony Hii said...

Hi, we can go up to 100 km/h. The road is all tar-sealed.

Sarawakiana, you are right.

WSP, on the right side.