Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sibu In Water - Street Protests

The water level is again on the rise in Sibu. For years, Sibuians have been haunted by the fear of high flood. Down it goes and high it comes, the flood has kept the folks in suspense.
I was driving my family to Kingwood Hotel , picking up Allen and Pauline after their tuition class and school, for a CNY dinner function. On the way, it was pretty frightening to see the rising flood, making us feel worrisome about the worsening condition. Praise Lord that we eventually made it and came back safe. The above is now a typical scenario in Sibu.
According to Meteorological Services Department, the floods might swamp Sibu on the following three days, coming side by side with king tide.
Facing all the hardship, Sibuians can only protest in silence now.
The photos show Hii Tiong Huat taking the burning issue to the streets. The news was blacked out in Sibu.


Anonymous said...

This nice gentleman should protest in front of that biggest bangalow

Daniel said...

I was with Tiong Huat at Brooke Drive protesting during the sixth day of Chinese New Year.People may say that Tiong Huat is crazy but to me,he is the real hero.How many people are willing to go to jail just because they are protesting against unfair and corrupt government?I have long given up on Malaysia...nothing has changed since 50 years.It's time to wake up and vote for a change in the ruling government.Why dont we give a chance to Pakatan Rakyat and see if they can do a better job that the BN government?

Anonymous said...

We Sibu people lack guts. No one dared to demonstrate and protest against the government for this series of floodings. Obviously the politicians are hopping that water would go quickly, since flood would not stay forever. The anger would be just momentarily.

sarawakiana said...

This is a great gentleman. More people should support him and not think of him lowly.

Thanks for showing the photos. His news are not news for the mainstream media.

Remember women having labour pains? They swear they will never have another child. They forget them soon and have another pregnancy.


Sarawak Interventional Cardiologist said...

Hi Tony, why don't we do a blog dedicated for Mr. Hii so that his news of genuine concern and bravery can be shared on www? There is no blackout of news on www, news of person who walks the talks.

Tony Hii said...

anonymous, ha, you have a point here.

daniel, you are a thinking Malaysia.

anonymous, they will voice out one day - in the polling- stations!

sarawakiana, you have given a good parable.

doctor heart, you have a good suggestion. Perhaps Tiong Huat can start a blog to share his tremendous work.

nelson said...

i will support him.

Bengbeng said...

he should start a blog.agreed. his message would be much powerful.