Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sibu In Water - A Horrific Experience!

What an experience to drive through deep water!

The evening of Jan. 30 was a horrific experience for me and Yian. On the way to Kingwood Hotel to attend a wedding dinner reception, we were at ease to note that the water level was tolerant. But little did we realise that within the two hours of the dinner, the flood surged up high enough to paralyse most of the main roads.

We got clogged up at Jalan Lanang where water was seen flowing in. Stuck in the middle of a chaotic traffic, we practically moved at a snail's pace, inch by inch, taking exactly one hour to reach home which at normal time would be just a ten-minute drive.
When splashing through the flood water, anxiety ran over us, worrying that our vehicle might get paralysed anytime in the water. At times, our hearts almost missed a beat. Yian prayed hard to God, asking for a safe journey back. After numerous short cuts through safety zone, we reached home safe.
The photo shows a photographer taking a moment off during the frustrating flooding time.


ahlost said...

Wahsehhh.. Really flood wor.. I thought a Sibu friend was kidding bout it..

suituapui said...

Same thing happened to me on Dec 26th after a wedding dinner at another hotel. Had to go through the water in front of McDonald's at a snail's pace...and it was already 10 something! Dunno why so many cars, the road so jammed! Must be busybodies coming out to see the flood waters!!! What a nuisance!

Bengbeng said...

My sympathies to you. Same thing happened to me yesterday and to a lesser extent today still. There was little alternative but to use the roads. Thank God I believe the worst is over. I have put back the furniture for this round at least. Feeling really tired now. If I had a chance to do it all again, I would buy light furniture rather than all these heavy duty wooden stuff

Bengbeng said...

imagine this, I was carrying a from the neck down paralyzed patient. Water was swirling all over my car. The car in front was stalling. She needed to be seen by a doctor. There was no way I could get an ambulance to come. It was the worst nightmare. In the end I gave up Rejang , prayed hard my car wouldn't give up on me and finally made it to SSMC. I prayed every inch of the way. This was on the 28th.I was still limping from my foot infection. A nightmare.

ichigoni said...

I tot it just happen near the river area(my friend just back to sarawak said).... see your photo it look really terrible.
but on west malaysia paper, we can get much info on it.