Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saint Valentine's Day At Selangau

This eatery is adjacent to Methodist Selangau Preaching Point. Clean and spacious, it serves pretty delicious foods!
We are on board the Bas Sekolah taking us to Selangau. It was truly a blessed trip, with so much to praise the Lord for! Yong Ling gave a gesture of peace, seemingly to tell us to leave the trip to God.

Before the foods were served, it was a wonderful fellowship time, giving brothers and sisters an opportunity to interact with each other. Seating in the centre is Mr. Ling from Methodist Zion Church.

We came not specifically to savour the delectable dishes, but to share the love of God with the fellowshippers of Selangau.

Our DS Rev. Wong missed no time to share his views.

It was a truly brotherly and sisterly occasion.

Eu Tieng Ching (centre) has always been generous in her smiling!

I didn't quite get it, but I believe it has got to be a good joke.

Please get it right - it was not a rountable meeting!

All were ready to kick off the evening of sharing.

Anything you do for one of your brothers, however humble, you do it for Christ Jesus.

Delectable steamed fish head - a dish you can't afford to miss.

A sing-along time.

Our DS Rev Wong Koi Fo shared a good message.

It was the quiz time. Ling Yieng Ley must have been given a hard time by Peter Goh - her quizzical look tells it all.

Yii Yong Ling (L) was kind enough to sponsor all the prizes for the evening's quiz.

Peter Goh gave a wonderful power-point presentation on Methodist Wesley Church's short-term mission in Kampuchea. Humorous and concise, and despite him having a sore throat, Peter's sharing was very enlightening.

A group photo after the gathering. Rev. Wong Tuong Toh ( 3rd from left) and Rev. Liu Hui Dak (3rd from right) are our advisors.

Selangau is located halfway between Sibu and Mukah, taking about one hour by driving to reach.
This small town is not to be missed for those gourmets who love wildlife delicacies. According to my source of information, the eateries serving the delectable dishes are quite authentic.
But that was not the chief attraction bringing the MAF of Sibu East District to selangau on Feb. 14, the day the lovers across the globe celebrated Saint Valentine's Day.
As our DS Rev. Wong Koi Fo put it in his thought-provoking message, "achieve contentment through sharing the love of God with your brethren'. Quoting 1 Timothy 6:6-13, Rev. Wong advised brothers and sisters not to wander from the faith and pierce ourselves with many griefs.
Precisely, we drove the one-hour journey to Selangau not to let the wild boar meat to whet our appetite, but to share the love of God with the fellowshippers of Methodist Selangau Preaching Point, extending to them our caring hands.
The fellowship gathering started right away after our filling meal. The evening was a non-stop two-hour programme comprising of sing-along, DS's message, IQ / biblical quiz, power-point presentation on the short-term mission to Kampuchea etc. The time we had had together was wonderful and it was really brotherly and sisterly.
The dinner was delectable although the much renowned wild boar dish was somehow not in the menu. It would certainly have been an additional plus had the delicacy been served to tickle our taste buds.
Nontheless, it was a blessed visitation trip. Don't brood over too much the minus (the wild boar meat). Instead, let the joy of God be with all of us on this glorious occasion.
See you in selangau in 2010!


Philip said...

Must be an interesting trip. I used to go there almost every week years ago to savour the many "wild food" and fresh water fish.

Tony Hii said...

You are right, Philip. We bloggers should one day have a meet there!