Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Power Rates In Sarawak - It Is High Time To Revise Downwardly

It came out in the local press today that the state government is deliberating seriously to look into a downward revision on the existing power rates with a view to ease the recessionary tension the Sarawakians are encountering generally.

This is certainly a move on the right course by our leaders.

MAH (Malaysian Association of Hotels) is also in the process of submiting a memorandum to the state cabinet to revise the SESCO rates applicable to its member hotels. I guess our government would come out with a decision soon.

Time is really getting bad now. With the Obama Administration still struggling hard with the stimulus package, the outlook is depressing. The worst may yet to come.

My daily updates from the States are making me jittery. At times it might seem to be better to stay ignorant!


Daniel said...

please continue the good works with your writings.
your information is very reliable and accurate.
great work and god bless.
see you at masland church when i get back.


sarawakiana said...

Sarawak is resource rich with a good economy. But there is plenty of room for good discerning policies which can definitely move our economy upward.
Most of the companies I am sure have huge profit margins. So with that in mind there is no harm in bringing prices down which will in turn trigger another small cycle of economic upward trend.
When fears develop caused by higher prices frightened consumers become paralyse and this will cause a chain reaction of mistrust and unwillingness to spend and expand.
I remember a Christmas story of how a loaf of bread shared by the impoverished villagers created a chain reaction for a warm Christmas and dipping into the pockets. A miracle happened and the town became alive again. Happiness and sharing brings about personal joy and gains.
I would like to see that happening in Sarawak.
Wishing all a good night's sleep.

Tony Hii said...

daniel, I will be happy to meet you at The Masland Church.

Tony Hii said...

sarawakiana, thank you for your wonderful sharing. I agree with you that GLCs (government-linked companies)which are profitable should take the lead to ease the hardship faced by the ordinary folks by lowering the prices. We should take guard not to let the present woes to turn into deflation. Have a good day!