Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elizabeth Wong - A Rising Political Star Gunned Down

Elizabeth Wong of PKR seems to be so helpless in her nude photo scandal, and she is certainly pitiful. She eventually chose to step down by resigning for the good of the party.

She labelled the controversy as a political plot to bring discredit to PKR. But the political reality is not on her side to give sympathy.

EW was simply gunned down in the course of a political agenda now going on!


sarawakiana said...

I think the Malaysians have to look at themselves first. We are just to kampong to circulate all those photos around in the first place. The economics of this world still depends on supply and demand. The scoundrel who sold the photos met the volumnous demand (may be political)..
Those who demand those photos put us Malaysians to shame really.

Let's look at this scenario : Pak Haji goes to his public toilet to do his business and some one has some nice shots of his butt. He stands for election. And his photos are revealed.

Do his photos sell? Who will buy? At what price? And will his photos rock the Malaysian political scene?

Why not close the public toilet which violates people's privacy? Or get the guy who took t he photos?

Are we suckers for sensationalism and devoid of humanity?

Who wins in the end? For what good?
For whose benefit?

I feel so sorry for Eli. Who will benefit from her downfall?

Tony Hii said...

sarawakiana, your points are valid and I fully agree with you. Sometimes our mentality is dragging us backwards.

Anonymous said...

The fact remains that she was engaging in pre-marital sex which l assume was what she was having before she dozed off and her nude photos taken. Despite the moral decadence in the world today with the rampant hopping from bed to bed, based on Christian values, it doesn't make it a lesser sin. The slightest flaw in the most priceless diamond will bring about a drastic drop in its value.

Anonymous said...

I noticed one of the new arising blogger from Sibu is so interested in this Christina Wong, what is wrong with him and her along? Missing meaning to see his blog with this type of nonsense posting.
Anyway, one's own private living style is very important in this world, Try to avoid having any overnight love, mistress and so on if you are not affordable for that. And one more important matter is that , if you think it is what and who you loved, get it legalised, not underground. Dont take the "rememberance" photo for what you have done with "her" if you are not going to get her to be your very own, who knows, may be one day, you "divoiced" with her ,or your handphone lost, your camera being stolen, your house being broken in, then your nice and sexy photo would be all around in town.
My advice to all, not only this Eli.