Thursday, January 8, 2009

Zhang Ziyi's Scandalous Photos On Internet

The scandal involving the topless photos of Zhang Ziyi furiously spread on internet could be a set-up.
We may be fooled by her fiance.


Anonymous said...

Many movie stars are using the media as well, although sometimes they are bad treated by the media. I think she has not been getting huge contracts recently, and something need to be done in order to increase her popularity. Exposing this kind of photos is one of the ways to do it. Another way is to come up with some scandals, such as new boy/girl friends, divorce, etc. Those stars from HK and Taiwan are making use of the media very often if you observe it carefully.

My guess is Zhiyi is ready to get into western movies that expose her body. Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and other Hollywood superstars all exposed themselves. There is nothing to hide for all western superstars.....

Tony Hii said...

My friend, I guess you are right. Ziyi's had over the night zoomed up in her popularity.