Saturday, January 10, 2009

Zhang Ziyi - Fame-Driven Scandal

In the world of entertainment, celebrities relentlessly pursue for fame and material comforts. All sorts of publicity gimmicks have been designed to zoom up popularity in the circle.

The celebrities capitalise on the voyeuristic nature of media readers and use it to their full advantage.

And there is this group of paparazzi working on encroaching on the celecrities' privacy and initimacy to satisfy the lust for voyeutism of the readers.

The market mechanism of supply and demand is at work here. Paparazzi merely act to get the supply to meet the demand. The willing supply(by celebrities, although some may detest it) and the inexhaustible demand (by readers of media) make the game go on and on with endless headlines on explosive scandals to whack the strong appetite of entertainment readers.

Zhang Ziyi is just one of them on hot pursuit for more popularity!

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