Monday, January 12, 2009

Sibu Hard Hit By Floods

At Jalan Ling Kai Cheng, the flood was still at knee-high despite refilling up to two feet two years back. The area was one time listed black by the authorities. (Photo: Wong Meng Lei)
Jalan Ulu Sg. Merah was the hardest hit area this time. SMK Sg. Merah had to be closed since the place practically became inaccessible. (Photo: Wong Meng Lei)

This sampan owner was community-minded - he transferred the stranded flood victims for some meagre return selflessly in the stressful conditions of the floods. (Photo: Steve Ling)

A scene showing maternal care and love. (Photo: Steve Ling)

It was a non-stop torrential rain for 50 hours and this natural phenomenon swept back with extra might to bring Sibu in floods once again. The nature had been kind enough this time to spare the upper Rajang of a downpour. Otherwise, with the king tide coming up concurrently, the havoc would be quite beyond our imagination.

The floods were another wake-up call to take workable flood mitigation measure to relieve Sibu of such distress.

Let's stay tuned in to the gigantic project promised over and over by the authority.

The picture shows a vehicle splashing through deep-flooded area at Jalan Ulu Sg. Merah. (Photo: Steve Ling )

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