Monday, December 8, 2008

SUPP's Infighting - Wong Ching Yong Dropped A Bombshell

On the run-up to the TDC of SUPP, Wong Ching Yong of Sibu dropped a bombshell yesterday by publicly announcing his commencement of a motion of no confidence on Datuk Seri wong Soon Koh by secret voting during the coming TDC.

This is a complete show-down of the rivalry between Sibu Branch and SUPP Dudong.

The move is clearly a fight for survival for Dudong team.

If GC opts to stay on (and it looks increasingly likely), then the tide may turn against Dudong's faction.

The developments are getting nerve-racking!


anti supp said...

supp only fight hard among themselves, and NOT for the people. this party is rotting, 無藥可救!!

Tony Hii said...

You have the point!