Friday, December 26, 2008

The Masland Methodist Church's Christmas Gala Night - Your Eternal Home

The Masland Methodist Church congregated around 2,000 church members, young and old, in Sibu Civic Centre for the Christmas Gala Night on Dec. 25.
The programme was tightly scheduled into a two-hour duration, running on a smooth flow with minimum lapse. The whole gala show was commendable in terms of efficiency and planning.
The core of Christmas Gala Night's message was conveyed clear to the floor. Pastor Ting in her sharing emphasized that we are the reason for Jesus Christ to come to this world. "He gives each and everyone of you the hope of an eternal home," she pointed out.
The whole night's programme was tied in closely to the theme - Your Eternal Home. From sunday school children to the senior fellowshippers, all the performers gave superb presentations. At times I was mesmerized. Gee, the organisers got to be versatile to have come out with such diverse stage shows. They deserve a big thumb up
One drawback was the PA system. The back portion failed to get the sound effect. In fact the system gave out squeaky sound many a time which was quite a frustration. Perhaps the organisers may reflect on it!
The Christmas Gala Night concluded with a benediction by Rev. Kong Chong Lin.

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Anonymous said...

Very well written !
I was at the concert and I shared exactly the same feeling (except that you put it in words more beautifully !
Praise the Lord