Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas 2008 - Wisma Sanyan Sibu

The Christmas deco livens up the place. (Photo: Steve Ling)
Standing tall in the hub of business district of Sibu, Wisma Sanyan has become the landmark of the town. In fact, the 28-storied complex is by far the tallest building in Sarawak.
Wisma Sanyan is proud to proclaim a near 100% occupancy, making it a prime asset by valuation.
Presently, Wisma Sanyan is still the hottest spot in Sibu. There are jostling crowds most of the times, making the place a good demand. As a result, the surrounding properties have benefited greatly from the high-rise complex.
This year I noted the complex has relatively less lavish Christmas deco. The whole setting comes in the form of streams of chasing lights hanging down from the ceiling with intermittent garlands. Nonetheless, the deco adds festive mood to the shopping floors.
The picture shows Wisma Sanyan. (Photo: )

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