Thursday, November 27, 2008

SUPP - Race To Power Getting Tense

On the run-up to the Triennial delegates' Conference (TDC) scheduled to be in December, SUPP's infighting is getting tense. The race to power appears to be surfacing as the day comes nearer. To a lot of political watchers, the running is now very much between Sibu-Miri and Kuching-Sarikei, with the other divisions divided.

Kuching blatantly called on the leaders to honour their retirement pledge, apparently hinting at GC who indicated to step down from the party helm after the current term at the last TDC.

The card now is obviously high up in GC's sleeve as to whether he is going to stay on. GC has the full backing of Sibu to remain for another term at the party top post. Strategically, this works best for both Sibu and Miri since Sarikei and Kuching pose a strong challenge. Neither Sibu nor Miri alone can fend off the blow from Kuching-Sarikei.

GC is an astute politician. His recent manoeuvre to push WSK up in the cabinet shows that he is indeed somebody to watch out. It is widely anticipated that GC has yet to call it a day!

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