Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tan Kee Hian - "Outlooks For Sibu From My Global Journey Of Discovery"

Methodist Pilley Institute is coming up with a public forum titled "Outlooks For Sibu From My
Global Journey Of Discovery" to be delivered by Tan Kee Hian on October 25 at 7:15pm in MPI's Lecture Hall 1.
The forum is well-intended and certainly relevant to Sibuians since it focuses on the prospects of Sibu and what the future in Sibu holds for the folks here.
Sibuians are all concerned with the ageing population here. Of even greater concern to the locals is the persistent under-development which has now become a political issue.
Lately, the burning issues of net migration-out and brain drain again were hotly debated. But we were like driving in a fog and nothing concrete came out from the public outcry. It is little wonder that Sibuians are getting frustrated and starting to get sceptical about the much-talked aspirations of the leaders.
It is admist this state of directionlessness that MPI timely comes in with a forum to provide a framework of conceptual outlooks for Sibu.
The speaker of the forum is Mr. Tan Kee Hian who is a Strategy and Innovation Specialist. An authentic Sibuian, Mr. Tan is more than aptly qualified and experienced to speak on the subject.
Admission to the forum is strictly by invitation. If you are concerned about Sibu and keen on the subject, you may enrol by faxing to MPI at 084-320801 or call Mr. Hii King Kai/Ms Tang Ing Sia at 084-322268 for further information.

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