Friday, October 10, 2008

The Race Is On In UMNO

The shot was finally fired and the race is now on. Pak Lah decided to call it a day earlier as predicted. His initial plan was not what it turned out to be. The power transition plan (to stay on till 2010) could be just his own whim which failed to work to his wish. UMNO's internal squabbles had pressurised PM to hand over to his successor to save him of an embarrassment ( for example, like not having enough nominations to defend his president post).

As I said earlier, the postponement of UMNO's AGM had in actual fact ushered in an era of Najib. Now with the official trumpet blown, a stage has been set for Najib to walk up to announce his run.

If the music is played according to the tune, then Najib is almost positive to be the next PM.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (or Ku Li as more popularly called) may blow up ripples by joining in the race for the top post, but, alas, he is very much just an old hat and he lacks all the charisma to face up to Najib's punches.

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