Thursday, October 16, 2008

Press Release

The Borneo Post - Thank you, Philip Wong, for your witty question-and-answer time.
Eastern Times - Roger, thank you for your efforts to come.
Sin Chew Daily - Thank you for staying close to the community.
See Hua Daily News - You gave me an outstanding coverage! Thank you so much!
A stereotyped press release session is sometimes a bit boring. I have to liven it up with sime side talks to turn it into a more fun-filled time.

At the photoshooting session, Philip enlightened me with an idea of a wider spectrum of publicity for the lounge artistes to make it inclusive of both reporters and bloggers. According to Philip, this has become a fashionable trend in West Malaysia. The idea sounded great and I am all for it!

Certainly this sort of session would be best to be had at night when the artistes are in full costumes.

At the press conference yesterday morning, I raised up to the reporters about having a press release at night. This is a complete breakaway from the present established style of holding it during daytime. The reporters seemed to be receptive to the idea and said it could be given a try.

Anyway, I have to give it some further deliberation. In the meantime, my appreciation goes to The Borneo Post, Eastern Times, Sin Chew Daily, See Hua Daily News and United Daily for their valuable coverage.

A big cheer to the local press!

United Daily - You are as obliging as ever!


Philip said...

wow, good and wide coverage by the local press.

Tony Hii said...

Philip, the local press is obliging. Thank you for the publicity in your blog.