Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hit Mix Band

Lounge has never stayed out of fashion in Sibu entertainment circle. The tradition still holds out well with a professional live band to give pulsating hits and lovely oldies where night life goers unwind over chilled drinks.

Bamboo House is a long-established outlet in Sibu. Way back in 70s, it had already built up its name as a popular hangout. Thirty years down the road, it has never deviated from its principle of providing a decent night life.

Yesterday, we ushered in a new resident band by the name of Hit Mix Band. It is a promising four-piece band which gets down to taking you through the night with their vibrant showmanship.

Besides being voluptuous, Hit Mix Band is versatile to its plus. Rolly, Jhuan, amanda and Mary vow to blast off to keep their audience enthralled.

Come and let your hair down over your favourite orders. Join the band members in their nightly fabulous shows.

Again, Need Lee and Philip (www.rubberseeds.blogspot.com ) teamed up to photoshoot Hit Mix Band this evening. It was such a fun time snapping for the new comers.

The band members posed to let me take a snapshot.

Need Lee and Philip were caught in action.
Philip's usual style of sharing the snapshots with the artistes.
A gtoup photo after the session: (L to R) Rolly, Jhuan, Amanda, Need Lee, Mary and Philip


Philip said...

Wow, you are very fast in posting the story this time. Always nice to have you around during the photography session.

Tony Hii said...

Philip, I am pondering on a press cum blogger session next time. This morning I spoke to some reporters about having a press release in the evening.

Hardy said...

Looks like those two really enjoying what they are doing.

Philip said...

Tony:Sibu bloggers will love it. It will be a good opportunity to get together and also spread the news to help promote tourism in Sibu.

Tony Hii said...

hardy, they are very professional.

Philip, I fully agree with you that the local bloggers have a role to play in tourism promotion. But the local authorities are still dilly-dallying about getting the bloggers to come in.

Hardy said...

I think they always think negative about bloggers. When we mentioned about bloggers they will always critics them because they can't control the blogs like they control the press. For me, if this local authority is doing a good job, why should they afraid.