Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back To Sibu - A Big Cheer To Steve Ling

It was our regular weekly tea session at Meng Lei's (www.mengleiwong.blogspot.com ) office, but it turned out to be a de facto welcome tea party for Steve Ling (www.stevelinglt.blogspot.com ) who has just returned to Sibu for good.
Yes, welcome in its truest sense. Steve had been a veteran journalist with See Hua Daily News loyally for several years. In a restructuring exercise a few years back, he was posted to Kuching.
A truly Sibuian with strong sentimental attachments to Rajang Basin, Steve decided to call it a day after years of acting like a lone ranger in Kuching. Last week, he packed up and headed homewards.
Steve is a senior journalist with extensive exposure and a penchant for photography which he excels. I just learned that he is taking up a new assignment in United Daily, a post that will continue to keep him active in journalism.
Steve takes fascinating photos. Pictures speak louder than words - just go to visit his blog to see for yourself. By the way, he is also a popular blogger with lots of engrossing pictures.
It was a nice time chatting together over issues ranging from the global financial crisis to the rampant land scams in Malaysia.
Liong (www.thesibu.blogspot.com ) volunteered to snap for the group. A big thumb up to him.
The picture shows the group giving a loud cheer to Steve (3rd from right).


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