Saturday, September 27, 2008

Visit Sibu Year 2009 - Let's Do It For Sibu!

Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh proposed to fix 2009 to be "Visit Sibu Year" in an effort to promote Sibu as a tourist destination.

This grand plan is certainly ambitious to lift up Sibu in tourism. For years, we have had too much rhetoric on promoting Sibu to the outside world. But, alas, Sibu remains backward and lags behind in attracting tourists.

Perhaps something more down-to-earth may help the central region. Visit Sibu Year is a move in the right direction and we have no reason not to applaud.

As we set forth the heartening Visit Sibu Year, let's not forget to check on our tourist attractions and selling points. Are they already in place to take on the visits? And, how about our support services?

Let's do it for Sibu!


abana said...

Hi Tony,
I suggest we can promote Sibu town through Photography & Sibu's residing bloggers.
Like the saying goes A picture tells a thousand words.
I hope our Dato Sri can push hard on this.

Tony Hii said...

abana, you have a wonderful suggestion. The authority concerned should take note of this point.