Sunday, September 21, 2008

UCA Sibu Speaks Out On Exorbitant Fees

Over 20 rural agricultural land owners have been served with a notice to pay exorbitant fees of RM10,000 per acre for renewal of land lease.

This is extremely shocking since it is far in excess of the revised lease renewal fees applicale to agricultural land at RM200 per acre.

The latest woe is a reflection that the thorn still remains in the flesh of the land owners. When the disgruntled land owners took it up with the relevant department, the high fee issue was to no avail.

Yesterday UCA Sibu took the matter up for deliberation and a resolution was passed to call on the government to adhere to the revised land renewal fees passed in 2007. At the same time, it also resolved to urge the government to remove the conditional clause that the agricultural lands be strictly only for agricultural purpose as a condition for renewal.

UCA Sibu has been outspoken on some burning issues in Sibu. From land lease issue, flooding nightmare, rice retailing deadlock to the present exorbitant fees, UCA Sibu took them to the forefront to voice out for Sibuians. As a result, certain interested parties have dubbed UCA Sibu "opposition-like", implying it is too outspoken.

By not keeping mute, UCA Sibu has earned respect from Sibuians.

Keep it up!


rubberseeds said...

Why RM10,000/acre for renewal fee? Who made the decision and was it approved in the state cabinet or certain powerful people can just increase it any how?

Tony Hii said...

Yesterday GC vowed to take up the problem.

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