Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church - 913 Fund-Raising Sales

Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church at Sg. Merah, Sibu organised a fund-raising sale for its church -building project which is scheduled to take off in 2009.

The present church building capacity is pretty much insufficient to meet the growing needs in the years to come. Feeling increasingly under the constraint, the church planned to put up a new building on a site adjacent to the existing one.

September 13 or 913 was gazetted to be the official date for the celebration of TYT's birthday. But, this year, it was being put off to October 25 at the last minute due to the religious observance by the Muslims. An otherwise a public holiday has therefore been turned into a normal working day.

As such, I set out with Yian to Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church to partake of their sales early enough to fit in my working hours.

When we popped in at about 7:00am, the whole place was quite bustling already. It just amazed me - the place looked more like a bazaar with lots of stalls, all stuffed up with, wow, goodies.

We looked round first before we settled on anything.

The picture shows the entrance to the sales premises. A few teenagers were there acting as ushers.

These cute ostrich egg shells with very innovative, colourful designs drew me close to the stall. At RM20 per egg shell, they are a good bargain. "They are a good buy - we used to offer them at RM30 per shell," the attendant tried to talk me into getting one.
This corner was like a mini - food fair where irresistibe local foods were up for savouring. The aroma of the delectable hawker foods drew me there from distance to pop in my head to every stall. The business was brisk, making it the corner with the most crowds!
Kampua, the Sibu hawker food, is almost a must in most of the fairs. It has earned Sibu a good publicity for tourism promotion. Sibu kampua is now also available in Kuching, Miri and KL. We bought some take-away kampua for breakfast!
Wow! The mouth-watering loo mee!
The kids played their part to peddle round the place with flying balloons.
They put their hands together to make the sales a success.
Yummy! The cheese cakes were tempting and luscious. At RM100 per cake, it was not pricey, seriously!

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