Monday, September 29, 2008

Peter Sii - Taking Life As A Challenge

At the wee hours when most youngsters are still deep in sleep or may not even have turned in yet, Peter Sii is already out of his bed with heavy eyes setting forth to his part-time job as a newspaper runner.

Faithfully Peter delivers United Daily to my house at 5:00am, more or less, for our morning time reading. It really boggled my mind as to who was this chap who never failed us.

Then Peter came to my house to collect the annual subscription fees two days ago and he really amazed me with his working hours.

Peter is on two jobs - besides running for United Daily, he is also a full-time car air-conditioner technician. With the hours taken up by the two jobs daily, he has scanty time for other personal commitments.

Throughout our chit-chatting, Peter uttered no sigh at all about the workload. His face radisted warmth and shine, seemingly to suggest that he is taking life as a challenge.

Peter simply puts a lot of lazy-bones to shame!


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Tony Hii said...

mee ling, i agree with you.

Anonymous said...

because the parents worked hard and improved the income