Sunday, August 24, 2008

Petrol Price Slash - A Perfect Timing

When Permatang Pauh polling date was fixed, I sensed strongly that the time was ripe for Pak Lah to slash the petrol price within the campaign period to fit in well with the by-election strategy.

By chopping off the petrol price by 15 sen per litre, albeit meagre in sum, Pak Lah lived up to his promise that the new petrol price system would provide for price adjustments in close tandem with international oil price movements.

At such a crucial time, Pak Lah would certainly keep his card high up his sleeve. In his usual style, days ago, Pak Lah merely hinted that the price revision to petrol would likely be in September in the wake of the falling oil price internationally.

September? I was sceptical. Deep down in my heart, I knew Pak Lah would draw the curtain pretty soon to give DSAI a slight jolt.

The petrol price strategy would not encroach on Anwar's territory sufficient to reverse the trend, but it would certainly trim off DSAI optimistic majority.

Since the petrol price is one of the election hits against BN by PR, Pak Lah 's petrol price move was to make sure that DSAI would not get too far ahead of BN!

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