Saturday, August 16, 2008

Permatang Pauh By-Election - An Untimely Hair-Thin Crack In PR

Today is the much - awaited nomination day for Permatang Pauh by-election. As hotly predicted, at the close of the nomination, it is not a straight fight between DSAI of PR and Arif Shah under the banner of BN. PP turned out to be a three-cornered contest involving Anwar, Arif and Hanafi Hamar, president of PAS splinter Akim.

PP is undeniably a stronghold of DSAI and the by-election is almost a sure win. The superiority of DSAI over Arif Shah and Hanafi Hamar has cast little doubt in Malaysians' minds about Anwar's planned comeback to active politics through PP by-election.

However, a three-cornered fight would work towards diluting majority, making DSAI less shining.

Lately, PAS cracked a hair-thin line in PR, making the front vulnerable to further cracks in cohesive working relationship.

It all started with the Youth Wing of PAS hitting out vehemently at the party leaders for being weak on the party's Islamic state stand. This instantly blew chilly wind over the non-Muslim community.

The stand on Islamic state by PAS is a permanent thorn in the fleash of the grouping of PR, making the front appear wobbly at times.

On the run-up to the by-election, this hair-thin crack is certainly untimely. It might be costly to DSAI.


Anonymous said...

welll what do you expect from expoltist and talibanist wannabees, holier than thou spouting religeous mumbo-jumbo.hoi remember your promises bloody morons. thats the problem in malaysia, especially this particular race, whateverlah, if they screw this elections up for dsai, THEY WILL FOREVER BEEN SEEN IN MALAYSIA AS SCUM, NEVER TO BE BELIEVED AGAIN.

Bengbeng said...

sometimes we just have to have faith in people. any political party will have its youth : a mixed bag of hot blooded guts. when they reach maturity they will understand the political realities. the third candidate is just fluff in the wind