Thursday, August 21, 2008

Permatang Pauh By-Election - Driving For Reforms!

On the run-up to the polling day on August 26, there is this talk in the market as to who is reform-minded enough to take the nation to a new height?

The political tsunami on March 8 saw BN drooping and dropping into a state of chaos. Some call it democratic labour pain. True, but only if it gives birth to reforms. If there is no agenda to change for better, then the so-called labour pain is only a prelude to a further disarray.

Then on our political platform, which party has got the driving power to push for much-needed reforms?

On the 12th General Election, UMNO was thickly clothed in communal politics. Thereafter, the party geared up further along the racial line, making the national reforms look beyond reach.

UMNO is the single largest party in the parliament, controlling 79 seats in total. Politically it is dominant in Malaysia representing the interests of Malays.

As such, it is hotly speculated that the party would continue treading along communal line in order to consolidate its power and dominance politically.

The year-end General Assembly of UMNO would likely see the party taking communal politics to a greater height.

With UMNO showing lacklustre in driving for reforms, then who has the needed political mindset to push for change?

All eyes are now on PR under DSAI. But can the alternative front deliver?

We need further deliberation on this.

The picture shows Arif Shah promising selfless service to the rakyat of Permatang Pauh.

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