Friday, August 8, 2008

080808 - An Auspicious Date, An Eventful Day

Aug. 8, 2008 has been viewed by many Chinese as an auspicious date. The centennial date promises luck to them. As such, they would not want to let it slip by!

Coincidentally, PRC has also slated this date to be the opening day of Beijing Olympic 2008. This coincidence makes today a really special day!

Anyway, today is eventful. Births, weddings, Beijing Olympic 2008, etc fill up this centennial day with cheers all over. To a lot of people, 080808 is remarkable and memorable. To the rest, this is just another God-blessed day, as meaningful anf good as all the other days.

On 080808, Malaysia is bustling with politically inclined high-profile talks of a sodomy charge against DSAI in the sessions court and an upcoming PP by-election. Heated as they are, the politically motivated events keep the Malaysians on the toes. It appears that they have stolen some of the limelight from the prominent 080808 in Malaysia.

Stay tuned in to the grand opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic 2008 tonight at 8:08 pm. Cheers!

The pictures show the Swiss team and the splendid opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic 2008.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Tony,

To celebrate the wonderful moment on the 080808 - Olympic 2008 opening with you, I have send you the song "Bejing Welcome You" from youtube, please pick it up from your email with

Hock Lai

Tony Hii said...

Hock Lai, thank you so much for the phone call from Russia. I will log in youtube.

abana said...

Hello Tony,
I shared this glorious event as this year is Rat'year and mine too.
Its good to wear yellow and Red this year as it will bring fortune.
(Its good Feng Shui but football teams colors not included)

Tony Hii said...

abana, thank you for dropping by. Red is symbolic of fortune in Chinese culture. I wish you all the best.