Friday, July 25, 2008

Hospitality - The Sibu Style

Kopitiam has long become an integral part of Sibuians' daily life. And kampua is a popular Foochow food originated in Sibu.

The combination of the two makes an unique hospitality which is almost a must for visitors to Sibu.

After teh tarik meet, we planned to give Dr. Dennis Ngien a dose of this unique hospitality - a kampua breakfast at kopitiam.

This morning we met up in Emas Corner at Jalan Central to chat away over kampua and kopi-o.

A cordial breakfast meet, it was also an occasion of flashing back and catching up. What a wonderful time that we gathered in this manner!

The picture shows (L to R) Dr. Dennis Ngien, Wong Thien Kien, Tiong Toh Chiong, Ngang Chun Sui, Tie Siew Ching, Nee Meng Choon, me.

Tie Siew Ming and Mrs (3rd and 2nd from left) joined us a bit late.
Dr. Dennis Ngien met his long - time friend Dennis Kong in the kopitiam. Dennis Kong runs a successful barber's shop.

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