Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chats Over Teh Tarik With Dr. Dennis Ngien

It was a heartwarming meet this morning after a lapse of two full years. Time really flew and it was only like yesterday that we last met up with Dr. Dennis Ngien.

An authentically Sibu-born guy, Dr. Dennis Ngien has been residing in Toronto, Canada for more than twenty years serving God full-timely. Presently he is in theological education field as a research professor of theology at Tyndale Seminary, Toronto.

I fixed Dr. Dennis Ngien up with a teh tarik meet at Cafe Palmelia in Premier Hotel after he landed at Sibu for a 11-day home visit.

It was a fun time this morning chatting away over the hotel's signature beverage. The atmosphere was jovial as we indulged in contemporary anecdotes, both social and political. It was heart-rending to touch on the shady sides of our society.

Dr. Dennis Ngien is humble and cheerful in his disposition. As such, we feel at ease chit-chatting with him.

Time ticked away fast. A 90-minute meet just slipped away amidst our laughs and chats.

Before we left, we fixed Dr. Dennis Ngien up for another session to give him another dose of Sibu hospitality - this time it is going to be a kampua breakfast meet.

We took a snapshot during the teh tarik session. The picture shows (L to R) Tiong Toh Chiong, me, Wong Thien Kien, Dr, Dennis Ngien, Tie Siew Ching, Nee Meng Choon.

I bought this book from Dr. Dennis Ngien in support of his fund-raising project for mission.


涂福来 said...


Please send my best regards to Dr. Dennis Ngien.

Thanks & regards,
Hock Lai

Tony Hii said...

Hock Lai, thank you for calling far away from Russia. I will make sure Dr. Dennis Ngien gets the message.

rubberseeds said...

Is Dr.Ngien the brother of Daniel?

Tony Hii said...

rubberseeds, you are right.