Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yong Teck Lee Passed The Ball Back To BN

Datuk Yong Teck Lee is obviously in control of the SC of SAPP. As such, he has an upper hand of the saga as of now!

With the SC's endorsement of the no-confidence move, Yong has smartly passed the ball back to Pak Lah to decide the fate of SAPP.

This is an astute step to corner BN.

The second round has just been gonged over and the party taking the lead is Datuk Yong at 2:0.

In Malaysia, politics and shares are seemingly inseparable! Think of politics, think of shares!

That day when the saga erupted, I was at a newsstand browsing among magazines.

Then, out of the blue, the tawkey nion blurted out, pointing at her computer screen," Hey, look, SCOMI looks like a good buy now!"

I told her to continue watching out.

SCOMI has been heavily under the shadow of KJ. At one time, it was a shining star, making it a hot pick. But dark clouds have been hovering over it since the political tsunami.

Datuk Yong's revolt move has deep implications for this counter.

The above picture is by courtesy of LIONG ( ), a blogger friend of mine. His photography is admirable.


The Sibu said...

Thanks Tony,for your admirable praising...

Tony Hii said...

Liong, keep up your skills.