Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Petrol Price - We Are Perplexed

Our leaders have been a bit fickle-minded lately.

In the wake of the surge in the international oil price, our Federal Government reacted with implementing policy measures for the good of the nation.

A major hike in petrol prices by 40% was too abrupt and hurtful, although in long term desubsidization of petrol is beneficial to the nation. But the ways our leaders going about abating the impact have been so fickle that the rakyats are caught off guard.

From the ban of petrol sale to foreign cars, cash rebates to the just proposed fuel card, we are quite perplexed. Seriously, what is next in the pipeline?

There was little wonder that the eligible car owners flocked to the POS offices to claim their rebates starting from June 14. Well, no one now is absolutely sure for how long this rebate policy is going to stay put. Just look at the newly proposed fuel card and you will appreciate as to why rakyats are so uncertain now.

Can we not think out a policy well before implementing?


Anonymous said...

Let's do simple arithmetic.

100 + 50 = 150

150 - 25 = 125

Then just raise by 25 and not 50.

Get my meaning ?

Father's Day greetings to you and the food look good.

Tony Hii said...

anonymous, you have the point. Thank you for your wish.