Friday, June 13, 2008

Petrol Price Hike - Protests And More To Come

The recent petrol price hike by a whopping 40% has triggered off protests and picketing here and there. Just today alone, thousands of people took to streets in KL to voice out their extreme discontent with the government's petrol pricing policy.

The cash rebates may help to a limited extent in alleviating the car owners' financial burden arising from the heightened fuel cost.

But the chain reactions thereof giving rise to a spiralling inflation would be far beyond the cape of the cash rebates. In short, the rakyat's living expenses would be mounting up in the months to come.

Our inflation has been projected to spiral up to beyond 5% in the near term. This sounds worrisome to the majority of us.

There is little wonder that more would come out on streets to protest as reported in the local dailies today.
The above picture shows the protesting crowds in KL. The picture is by courtesy of See Hua Daily News.


Anonymous said...

People are so fed up of following orders only.

Mee Ling said...


Tony Hii said...

anonymous, but more orders are on the way coming.

mee ling, life is going to be even tougher!