Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad Quitted UMNO

Yesterday Mahathir dropped a bombshell by announcing his resignation as a member of UMNO. This instantly sent a vibration throughout the nation, leaving the rakyat wide-eyed! By any standard, it was a shock.

The immediate question that cropped up generally is : Why did TDM resort to such a highly political move?

Simple - TDM has to move on since he was the one who initiated the game. He can't possibly call it off now - as we all probably have known, TDM never played a half-baked game throughout his political career.

Surprisingly drastic -It was of course a shock! If every step of TDM is within our palms, then he wouldn't have been the widely acclaimed Dr. M.

By departing UMNO, TDM took a step further to exert political pressure on Pak Lah. It appears to me that TDM has raised his ante in this politic game.

Let's all stay close to the ringside.


Anonymous said...

Your Tun Dr Mahathir is desperate now.They are digging up the corruptions done during his administration and he has to be responsible for it.The good news is...he has the title TUN now and that he doesnt have to go to prison.
I think Mahathir will end up having stroke again or his heart might just burst off anytime.
Ahamdulilah Mahathir...maybe you RIP.

Anonymous said...

He has seen better days when he was younger and in power. Now with his age and his health status, there will be some who think that this is his right move. I don't think his moving away from UMNO would be so earth shattering even though it is meant to remove the present one. But UMNO has to change following the times. He will continue to be on his party's side. People respect him still and so whatever his wrongdoings, may be people will want him to confess. And that is enough. It takes someone like him who can manipulate the financial status of Malaysia in order to cause into existence mega projects. That kind of manipulation is undoubtedly sinful. So if you want a first world Malaysia, you should thank him. If you prefer a kampung life, then it is obvious you can't accept a person like him. If we wish to be transparent, then we will get a big headache trying to make things right. For 50 years, Malaysia is in darkness. So you can imagine all the rubbish that has been collected. You need time to clean up the system.

Tony Hii said...

We have to start house-cleaning somewhere.