Thursday, May 15, 2008

Medan Selera Tanah Mas - Face-lifted

This SEDC-managed food centre is a popular spot in Sibu. It is located adjacent to Premier Hotel ( ). Recently SEDC gave a face-lifting exercise to give the centre a fresh appearance and renamed it Medan Selera Tanah Mas.

Established about 20 years ago, the centre was initiated with the noble objective to spur on bumiputras to be on their own business. With that, more than 95% of the lots are bumiputra-operated, making it a renowned native hawker food centre.

The face-lifting exercise included painting the whole octagon-shaped building, rebuilding the public rest rooms and beautifying the miniature garden. Lastly, a new oblong-shaped signboard was erected this afternoon to signify the inception of a new phase.

Perhaps in the whole of Sibu town, Medan Selera Tanah Mas, as it is called now, is the only food centre with octagon-shaped building. That makes it unique - easily recognisable in the bustling town centre of Sibu.

If you happen to pass by, don't miss it!


Jing said...

however, the octagon shape can only be seen when you look down from somewhere high... I didn't realize that until my friend told me so.

Tony Hii said...

jing, you are right - it is situated in the midst of a concrete jungle. But it is easily visible from Premier Hotel.

Bengbeng said...

i have received comments from outstation frens that they charge exorbitant prices ... so there r few
repeat customers. but i cannot b sure. after i was charged rm1.80 for a cup of kopi-o few years ago, i never went back

Tony Hii said...

The foods there are priceier!