Friday, May 9, 2008

In Deep Memory Of My Dad

The picture shows dad and mom in Japanese kimono during their trip to Japan.
My dear father was called to rest by Lord ten years ago today. We were overcome with grief when dad departed peacefully. But, knowing that dad was in the warm arm embrace of God and that we were all due to be in reunion one day in heaven, we felt comforted.

Outwardly dad maintained a grave and serious disposition, but inwardly he was tender in sentiment. One occasion that I particularly cherish was when I left for further studies in Australia.

Dad saw me off at Sibu airport with calmness. But when the boarding time came, dad burst down to tears, saying he was going to miss me. I was so very moved by dad's show of love that my eyes turned moist. That affectionate moment has been a living memory.

Thank you, dad, for all that you had done for me!


Anonymous said...

Asian men are always so composed and not showing their feelings so easily.

As for Raja Petra, he did no wrong. But the guilty parties feel guiltier and that is why they heavy handed him. Of course, crimes do not pay. Whether it is somebody ordering them to blow up Altantuya's already dead body, it is still wrong because as officers of the law, they must uphold the law, regardless of what powerful people telling them to do. See, Barisan Nasional brings nothing but shame and more shame. Politicians having fun with some unknown models. So busy yet so free. Wasted the public money used for their dirty habits.

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Tony Hii said...

Thank you, mee ling.