Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

The picture shows the cake for Mother's Day-Strawberry-flavoured Sponge Cake.
The month of May is warmly filled with jovial mood of celebration of Mother's Day.

Worldwide Mother's Day has been fixed on the second Sunday of May. The season is for us to express our gratitude for the hardships our moms bore in bringing us up.

Actually our love for our moms is an all-year-round show of filial piety - it should not be just confined to Mother's Day in May. But Mother's Day has its profound meaning - it is an internationally recognised day dedicated to mothers for their significant and great role. Celebrating Mother's Day is therefore our honour which we can't afford to miss.

In Sibu, Mother's Day has been popularised and commercialised, with celebrations for the season penetrating practically all sectors of the community. There is nothing wrong with commercialisation so long as we maintain the spirit of love and affection of Mother's Day.

Yesterday was all the warmth in the hearts for my mom and Yian's mom when we threw them a hearty lunch to celebrate Mother's Day. We did it earlier to fit in the travelling schedule of Yian's mom.

Wow, it was absolutely all homemade and home- cooked, making it a wonderful show of affection. Yian put her hands in for the whole of the morning to come out with the delightful dishes, giving everybody a hearty meal.

Happy Mother's Day!

The picture shows Yian, Yian's mom and my dear mom - it was all the warmth in the hearts!

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