Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cooking Competition - It Was Live And Hilarious

On May 16,MAF and MYAF of The Methodist Masland Church jointly organised a live cooking competition at MPI's compound. Altogether a total of 7 teams took part, all composed of the fellowshippers of the MAF and MYAF.

One thing unique about the competition was that it was absolutely live - from preparation to finishing stages. At the participating teams' own arrangement was a complete set-up of their individual cooking stations.

The marking criteria included taste, presentation, visual appearance and relevance of the biblical message carried. Also included in the matking was an overall cleanliness of the cooking station.

Rev. Kong, Mdm. Yii and Pastor Ting Yee Ling were invited to be the judges. Mdm. Yii is a locally renowned gourmet.

It was a hilarious time that we were together cooking to the best of our abilities. When the dishes were brought forward for display, there was wow all over. Much to my admiration was the creativeness exhibited by each team.

After display, each team was required to come on stage to give a presentation on the biblical message carried in the dish.

The competition spurred on a spirit of togetherness and creativity in thinking. It was considered a success.

The picture shows them putting their hands together to come out with "God's Creation On The Fifth Day" dish.

It was really an opportune time to show off!
The two sisters took it very seriously!
The competition spurred on a spirit of togetherness!
God's Creation On The Fifth Day.
Noah's Ark.
In Christ We Are together.
Five Loaves And Two Fish.
Judging time - In full attention were Rev. Kong, Mdm. Yii and Pastor Ting Yee Ling (L to R).

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