Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Expat For The Expatriates

A magazine primarily aiming at the expatriates living in Malaysia, The Expat has a style of its own with an innovative product range to create multiple channels to provide information and support to resident expatriates, newly arrived expatriates and foreign visitors to Malaysia.

I love this magazine for its splendid coverage on Malaysia. With contents principally related to tourism, The Expat is essentially a promotional publication for Malaysian tourism industry. It also complements our government's efforts to lure expatriates to come here to build up their second home.

Besides The Expat, the product range also includes 7 other publications with varied frequencies and target audiences to meet a wide spectrum of needs.

Andy Davison, the publisher, has extensively rich travelling experiences. He notes the wide usage of internet in developed countries and, as such, he has developed a portfolio of websites to enable readers to reach their international audience.

If you wish to market your products to the expatriates in Malaysia, you may reach out to them through The Expat.

You may visit their website at http://www.expatkl.com/

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