Tuesday, April 22, 2008

e-Filing - Have You Tried Out?

Have you opted for and tried out e-filing this year? As per the statistics of IRB, just about 50% of all the personal taxpayers have e-filed their tax returns. If you are still not on the trend, take up and try out - it is a lot faster, safer and more convenient, and if your tax position is repayable, then you have been promised by DG of IRB to have speedier refund.

Located on Level 5 of Wisma Vasty, this e-filing room has a classroom set-up with more than 20 computers in full operations. Here a lot of first-timers position themselves with stern faces in front of the computers trying out to e-file their returns.

IRB assigns a few helpful officers to go on duty to guide the filing. As the taxpayers set their forefingers on the keyboard and press with fright and clumsiness, the officers painstakingly lead them through with a smiling face.

I e-filed for the first time and I was much impressed by the friendly disposition of the officers on duty. This taxpayer-friendly approach is an excellent effort by IRB to educate the public to fulfill their noble duties as citizens to pay tax.

IRB, keep up your good work!
The above pictures show the e-filing room in Wisma Vasty.

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Anonymous said...

No, I don't trust the government's system. In fact, I don't trust the government at all. The way they do things. Simply do.