Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Terengganu's MB Issue - A Challenge To Pak Lah

Terengganu's trauma is just one in a series of episodes in the aftermath of the recently concluded general election.

Gone was a big chunk of BN's base, leaving the ruling front wobbly in control of both states and parliament.

Eroded was Pak Lah's supremacy over the front as a result of the painful slice away of the ruling front's political grip.

From outright refusal to accept appointments as deputy ministers as a show of protests, rumour mongering all over on cross-over to the open defiance by Ahmad Said to PM's directive, the signs are more than enough to show that our PM's grip has been eroded.

You may call the episodes a stark reflection of the political reality. Prior to the political tsunami on March 8, it would have been a wild imagination to even let a slight idea to cross your mind on anybody in BN having guts to openly defy Pak Lah!

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Anonymous said...

Abdullah Badawi leadership had shown weakness to the world when BN lost too many constituencies in the recent elevtion to the oppositions especially in his very own country, Penang. UMNO loses unexpectedly so MCA, Gerakan, MIC. What went wrong? definately his leadership. named as Father of Problems or Bapa Masalah= Pa'Lah, I think he should give way to new leadership to rebuild the BN's massacre.