Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Slimline Cabinet Versus Stronger Opposotion

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah unveiled the new line-up of the cabinet yesterday, the size of which surprised no rakyat at all. As hotly speculated, the cabinet came out leaner, with the team downsized to reflect the much diluted base of BN in the parliament.

The slimline cabinet is now subjected to tighter check by a much stronger opposition front in the parliament. From a force of less than 20 previously to the present 82, the opposition has a lot more muscle to flex now to exert pressure on the ruling front. Gone were the days when our parliament was so very lop-sided, giving the ruling front plenty of room to wrestle with the opposition.

With the political tsunami rocking all over, the new parliament would be much more thrilling.

YB Lim Kit Siang has been renowned to electrify the otherwise dull parliamentary sittings with his shocking speeches. These are certainly not my words - I read about it years ago in Asiaweek and it struck me.

And now with the enlarged front, the opposition would very likely keep the ruling front on the toes and under more severe surveillance.

On this point, the political tsunami has taken our nation on a path to a greater maturity in democracy.

A big "hip, hip, hurrah!" to the rakyat!


Bengbeng said...

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Anonymous said...

It is one thing to look beautiful, trimmed and slimmed. But does it work more effective than one that is oversized and big ? There is no point sitting there on the big armchair, shaking their legs while their men or women run round looking like a silly clown.

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