Monday, March 17, 2008

Rumour Mongering Abounds In The Market

The dramatic change to the Malaysian political scene brought about by the 12th GE has left the whole nation rumble over the new political climate never seen before.

All positive-thinking Malaysians would take the quaking change with open-mindedness and forward-looking mentality.

Now we are already into the 10th day after the 12th GE and the market is still buzzing with rumours. Worse still, short messages of highly explosive nature are flooding the market, making it worrisome if they are let to slip out of hands.

All peace-loving Malaysians should put those unfounded and maliciously- intended messages to a stop. Fear mongering at this crucial time to frighten citizens and influence their political views is most condemnable.


Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh ! Vision 2020 ! Vision 2057 ! Surely these cannot be just propaganda talk. Therefore there should be an open mind to be socially opened and politically opened. There is a fear of uncertainty because there is a degree of distrust. But can you people really trust Barisan Nasional 100 % ? If you say you cannot then it is no different for the opposition. But we have to change our words. The DAP is the government of Penang now and in Penang, the Barisan Nasional is the opposition. Fancy waking up one of these days and to call the BN the opposition. In Sarawak ? People are just fed up with everything and anything Barisan Nasional. Like as if only they alone can work miracles and others cannot. The opposition would not put Malaysia in jeopardy. Why ? Because by putting Malaysia into jeopardy, they are also jeopardizing themselves. Would any politician be so stupid ? And if there are any troubles, we cannot go anywhere because we do not have the kind of money which Taib has.

Anonymous said...

A Political Dynasty In Sarawak?? Family influence becomes a power in political party. See what happen to Sarawak's PBB party? A baby-born monkey nominate by a party for minister even accepted by federal. Who the hell is Sulaiman Abdul Taib in PBB? Is he good in politics? nay.... Then why is a green man being appoiinted a federal deputy minister?? Politicans in Sarawak BN are still dreaming....... or they can't fight back a monster.