Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lunch At Chillipeppers

We reached Kuching at about 1:00pm after a six-hour drive. It was past lunch time, so we decided to break for our meal first before checking in to Grand Continental Hotel.

Popular eatery places are aplenty in Kuching, but we settled on Chillipeppers at Liwah Hotel for both convenience and fineness in foods.

The setting of Chillipeppers is based on an open concept with no air-conditioning with the exception of a partitioned room. The whole ambience gives the diners a strong tropical touch. This concept gives Chillipeppers an edge in pricing and menu selection.

I ordered Nasi Lemak+ Drumstick and Teh Tarik, all at extremely competitive pricing.

The serving time was commentable, considering the dining crowd at that hour. Nasi Lemak+Drumstick was to my satisfaction. Teh Tarik turned out to be better than I had expected.

On the whole, the dining experience at Chillipeppers was fabulous.


Anonymous said...

If I am in Kuching, Call Lock Noodles will be one of the first I will go for. It is one of the specialities of Kuching City. It is not easy to find this in the centre of the city. When the old bus station was there, there were a lot of such stalls. Actually, are you on an election campaign trail ? I see that your family is not following. Similar to Call Lock Noodles is the Come Puah Noodles in Sibu. So if anyone of you is in Sibu, remember the Come Puah noodles which is found in most coffee shops.

Bengbeng said...

we dont even meet in sibu n yet i wish i was in Kch enjoying the nasi lemak with u :)

u made it sound good

Tony Hii said...

Anonymous, my trip to Kuching was purely on business and it was very hectic. I will certainly try out your recommendation on my next trip.

Bengbeng, please pop in Premier Hotel and sample our teh tarik. Please call me first.