Friday, February 15, 2008

General Election 2008 - An Entangled Sarikei Constituency - Part 1

Sarikei remains a constituency with high tensions in the coming election. The tightness of the situation has been persisting ever since the last state election in May 2006.

A great deal of friction within SUPP in Bintangor has led to a serious in-fighting, all arising from an unreconcilable conflict of interest.

In reality, SUPP in Bintangor is fragmented into a few power bases. This is most disasterous when it comes to election when a united party with one heart is most crucial in fending off the rivalry.

A divided Bintangor gave rise to an undue tangle, making it extremely difficult for a consensus to be reached on a candidate for the parliamentary election.

Dato' Ting had long been viewed with pessimism due to the derailment in interest with big boss. He was speculated to be dropped out.

Andrew Wong was considered green right from the start. As such, he was less promising.

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